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Recording transcriptions

from VHS on DVD, Blu-Ray or HDD

Do not hesitate with the video transcription from VHS to DVD or Blu-Ray, because tapes are degrading:

- mechanically
- with the layer gluing
- with the decay of the magnetic layer
- or due to old videocassette recorders that are not existing in our households anymore etc..

So do not hesitate to think too much, because on DVDs or Blu-Rays are you unforgetable memories from Christmas, holidays, weddings, proms, graduations and so on safe and you can backup them how many times you want in the highest quality.

We offer::
- to separate events on rewritable DVD or Blu-Ray to sections / menu / according to your requirements
- grafically color-treated cover and print on DVD - subtitles making
- musical background - rewriting from 8mm movies to DVD or Blu-Ray